The importance of Instagram to boost a business

Nowadays, it is essential for brands to have a profile on Instagram. There is no doubt that its relevance is increasing every day, consolidating itself as the preferred social network for the use of images as the main language. For this reason, it has become a decisive tool for boosting both small and large businesses.

In this article we will talk about the importance of this social network for businesses, the aspects to take into account before opening an account and the reasons why it is important to use it.

Importance of Instagram for brands
The importance of this social network is mainly due to its great connection with the audience, allowing content managers to create loyalty strategies, which are useful to generate communities around the brand.

The latest studies indicate that Instagram posts create an engagement rate of approximately 4.21%, which is 120 times higher than Twitter and 58 times higher than Facebook. Therefore, it is evident that users through this network strengthen brands through likes, shares and comments.

As a social network that focuses on visuals, it enables entrepreneurs to showcase their products or services with high quality photographs. Another virtue is that being a mobile application, it acts around a key concept: immediacy, which allows users to interact instantly and quickly.

Even so, loyalty strategies have always favoured the use of Facebook and Twitter, which means that Instagram is still a channel that has not been sufficiently studied.

Things to consider before opening an Instagram account
There are a few questions a business owner needs to answer before opening an Instagram account for his or her brand:

What does Instagram allow me to do differently from other tools?
Is my business suitable for Instagram: creating an Instagram account is not always the most appropriate for the brand, as it is less visual than others. In this case, it would be more convenient to promote other networks such as Facebook or Twitter.
What kind of strategy will I use on this social network?
4 reasons why you should use Instagram for business
Instagram is an extremely active social network
Instagram is by far the best social network to get users to share their experiences using a company's products or services, as they only have to post a video or photo with the brand's hashtag.

It does not have as much competition as other networks
Having an audience on Facebook or Twitter is the first step for any company or brand to enter the online world. It is true that they are the two most important networks in this world, but they are also the ones with the most competition.

Instagram users are growing dramatically and yet there is still a high percentage of businesses that are not taking advantage of it.

Location feature
Another of Instagram's strengths for businesses is the location function. Both the syncing with Foursquare and the photo map can be very useful in boosting your business and is a very efficient way to attract customers to your physical location.

Accessible from any browser
Although Instagram is a mobile social network, that doesn't mean you need to have the app installed on your phone to view anyone's profile. Each profile on this social network has a web version that anyone, whether or not they have an Instagram account, can access from any browser.


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